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This week Boyd’s Coffee brings us a delicious coffee from Guatemala.

Since 1840, “Las Nubes” has been home to the best and most exclusive coffee of Guatemala. Both Las Nubes “Muybridge” and Genuine “Las Nubes” are unique and wonderful estate Strictly Hard Bean coffees. “Muybridge” a blend of beans grown from 3,500 to 4,500 hundred feet, delivers a cup with a wonderful floral aroma, good body, excellent acidity, and a sweet citrus aftertaste. Genuine “Las Nubes” is a unique, invigorating, and original estate coffee, fully sun dried and born from original Bourbon and Typica trees between 4,500 and 6,000 feet above sea level.

Both coffees are sown, nurtured, and harvested with love – the love of each and every one of the 1,000 dedicated people who work at the plantation. These men and women live at Las Nubes under the best working and social conditions. Furthermore, Genuine SHB Las Nubes coffee is grown in accordance with strict quality standards. These standards guarantee a first-class and limited production of this splendid coffee. Such are the conditions and environment in which Genuine SHB Las Nubes is cultivated; the choice of connoisseurs and the most demanding people. Some call Las Nubes the Rothschild of Coffees.

A Way for Preserving Nature

Las Nubes plantation is one of the few natural reserves still existing in Guatemala where the quetzal live undisturbed along with white-tailed deer, zaraguate monkeys, spotted cavies and other endangered species. To ensure their survival, a wide-range conservation program has been implemented. In Las Nubes we have made a commitment to permanently preserve the flora and fauna that thrive in the region, and to promote ways of life that are in harmony with nature.

Genuine SHB Las Nubes is cultivated at a higher altitude than conventional types of coffee, and nurtured by rich volcanic soil, which gives the grains its unparalleled flavor and bouquet. Las Nubes is a blue-green variety of coffee, produced to be exported to the most demanding markets. It renders an excellent roast.

Coffee Name: Streamliner™
Tasting Notes: Guatemalan Coffee with a smooth, sleek finish. For a truly modern coffee experience, choose the Guatemalan coffee that knows how to arrive in style. Medium-light roast. Contains 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee.
Producers: Las Nubes Estate
Location: Guatemala
Varietals:  Bourbon and Typica trees
Where to purchase: New Seasons Market and other select grocery stores

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