New Online Coffee Business & Barista Training Platform

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OnlineBaristaSchool350American Barista & Coffee School (ABCS) has today announced, its new online subscription-based coffee education platform, will officially launch April 2014.

According to the company’s Vice President, Matt Milletto, “ will be a new subscription based training and business methodology that coffee shop owners can subscribe to train their new barista hires. Dynamic and interactive content will be continually added making this platform unlike any other online coffee training platform. This on-going service is something that all coffee shop owners can benefit from, as it is similar to having a coffee consultant and trainer in your retail coffee business 24/7. The lessons and modules help a barista or retailer develop a methodology for hands on training, business development, efficiency, day-to-day operations and continued education.”

The American Barista and Coffee school has been in the business of coffee education for over 25 years and has a premier facility in Portland Oregon and New York City in which coffee shop owners and baristas travel from all over the world to attend in person classes. “It is time that we change the landscape and accessibility of coffee education to those that cannot necessarily make it to our classes, and a support network for those who have maybe already attended.” says Milletto.

Online Barista Training’s main goal is to facilitate information sharing and training needed to succeed in today’s highly competitive retail specialty coffee market. “The online environment is a logical transition for coffee education to enter as it allows access to an international audience from the convenience of their own country, cities, and shops.” said Phil Schlieder, Business Development Director at The American Barista & Coffee School. ABCS has helped both entrepreneurial clients and baristas walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the retail coffee industry and the confidence to open their own successful coffee operations.

This subscription basis does not come with a hefty upfront cost, and monthly subscriptions start at just $14.95.

For further information, please visit the following website: (Site will be live and accepting registration on or before April 24th.)

Or call us at 800-655-3955 to set up an online demo, view example modules and to learn more.


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