Winner Announced: National Coffee Day Giveaway

by laura everage on September 27, 2012 · 8 comments

We have a winner! We’re basking in the afterglow of a great National Coffee Day promotion, thanks to Capresso for providing us with an awesome giveaway! We would also like to thank all of you who have followed us on social media, and commented on our website.

With that said, we’d like to congratulate Carrie – who followed us on Facebook. She is the winner of the Capresso SG120 coffee maker.

If you don’t already know a bit about the company, be sure to head on over to their website and check out their offerings. They’ve a great collection of coffee makers, espresso machines, Jura-Capresso Automatic Coffee Centers, water kettles, and milk frothers. Check out Coffee Universe’s review of the Jura ENA9 One Touch here.

Capresso can also be found on Facebook as well as Twitter @CapressoTweets

Keep an eye out for more great giveaways on Coffee Universe. And, let us know what you’d like to be reading about.


Coffee Universe


Celebrating National Coffee Day this Saturday (September 29th) means you’ll get lots of opportunity to experience your favorite coffee drinks – often for free. Try Googling (or Binging) National Coffee Day, and you’ll find  lots of direction on where you can cash in on some free coffee on the 29th.

To help everyone celebrate ‘coffee’ once National Coffee Day has passed, Coffee Universe is announcing our first giveaway. Thanks to the generous donation from Capresso, Coffee Universe will be giving away a Capresso SG120 drip coffee maker to one lucky reader. With the full stainless steel wrapped exterior the space-saving SG120 12-cup coffee maker is a beautiful addition to any modern kitchen

Here are a few of the coffee maker’s features:

  • Brews 12 cups of coffee in under 10 minutes for maximum flavor and aroma
  • Full stainless steel wrapped housing provides superior strength and style
  • Glass carafe with ergonomic handle has brew through lid and drip-free pouring spout
  • Permanent GoldTone filter is easy to use and easy to clean
  • 24-hour programmable clock/timer with easy to read blue back lit LCD display
  • Special Aroma setting slows down the brewing process to maximize flavor when brewing a full pot and to ensure the best taste when brewing a few cups at a time
  • Multiple nozzles spray water evenly onto ground coffee ensuring full saturation of grounds and maximum brewing quality
  • Easy to fill internal water level indicator displays 2 to 12 cup markings
  • Drip stop allows you to pour a cup while brewing
  • Coated non-stick warming plate
  • Two hour safety shut off

Here’s how to enter our National Coffee Day Giveaway

From Friday morning (28th) until the end of National Coffee Day, September 29th, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific, ‘cuz that’s where we’re at), you can be entered to win the Capresso SG120. We’ll announce one lucky winner on Sunday morning. (again, Pacific time)

Questions about coffee and coffee brewing will be posted on our Coffee Universe Facebook Page, and will be tweeted via Twitter (@CoffeeUniverse). Of course, we encourage you to follow us on either so that you can receive the prompts to enter – and don’t forget to head on over to Capresso’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and give them some support.

To be entered, follow us on Social Media and respond to our coffee-related questions.

On Twitter, we’ll be asking several questions about coffee, all you’ll need to do is re-tweet along with the answer.(Just hit the retweet button, and fill in your short answer. Leave everything else as is (including the @CoffeeUniverse so we will be assured that you’ll be entered.)

On Facebook – check out our Facebook page, follow us, then answer our question in the comment section.

If you’re not into social media, then simply comment at the end of this article, or send us an email

We’ll start asking questions tomorrow morning 9 a.m. (you guessed it, Pacific time). And, yes, you can enter twice – once for Facebook and once for Twitter. And, if you’re inclined to add a comment to the site, we’ll enter you a third time as well. Did I mention, that the answer needs to be correct?

To get you in the mood for the day-long celebration this Saturday, here are a dozen coffee facts and brewing tips.

(Hint: Reading these can get you an entry in the giveaway)

  1. Coffee was first discovered in Eastern Africa in an area we know today as Ethiopia.
  2. Coffee is the second most heavily traded commodity in the world, behind petroleum.
  3. The coffee bean is actually a seed. When it is dried, roasted and ground, it is used to brew coffee. However, if the seed is not processed, it can be planted and will grow into a coffee tree.
  4. Brewed coffee is approximately 99% water, therefore it is always important to use good quality cold water to brew coffee.
  5. Depending on the variety, it will take approximately 3-4 years for newly planted coffee trees to begin to bear fruit.
  6. Much like wine, coffee flavor is affected by soil, altitude, and other climatic factors, and in Ethiopia alone, there are reportedly over 10,000 varietals.
  7. Coffee is repeatedly tasted for quality and taste. This process is commonly referred to as cupping.
  8. Store coffee in an air-tight glass or ceramic container located in a dark and cool spot in the kitchen. It is advised that you do not refrigerate or freeze your daily supply of coffee, as the moisture will cause the coffee to deteriorate.
  9. Espresso is a coffee that’s been brewed quickly under pressure. A one-ounce shot of espresso is made from the same amount of ground coffee that is normally used to brew a six-ounce cup of coffee.
  10. A Caffe Latte is espresso with steamed milk and a thin layer of foam on the top.
  11. Grind is important. If your coffee tastes bitter (it may be over-extracted) and most likely ground too fine.  On the other hand, if your coffee tastes flat, it may be under-extracted, meaning that your grind is too coarse.
  12. Brewed coffee will retain optimal freshness for no longer than 20 to 30 minutes.


Happy Reading. Happy Drinking. Happy Brewing. Happy National Coffee Day!


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