MAISON CAMUS: From Cognac to Coffee

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Globally known for its luxury Cognacs for 150 years, CAMUS is the last independent, family-owned Cognac house. The success of the previous five generations has propelled CAMUS’ newest venture: specialty coffee.

Known as MAISON CAMUS, the coffee is made from only the top 5% of all 100% High Grade Arabica beans. It is grown sustainably at high altitudes by small scale farmers in South and Central America. The coffees are blended and roasted by hand.

Truly like no other, CAMUS coffee is the perfect way to celebrate your love for the beverage that has faithfully been by your side through it all. It is a coffee venture that began four years ago, when the 5th generation family-owned company looked to extend its brand beyond cognac. “CAMUS is more than a cognac brand,” explains Frank Matz, CEO of  MAISON CAMUS LLC, “but a lifestyle brand. And, we wanted to work off of that tradition, by offering another beverage that would extend the lifestyle.”

But it couldn’t be just anything. As Matz admitted, “Cognac is often considered an old man’s drink, and what we wanted to do was to appeal to other generations as well. We wanted to offer something related to cognac, but different.”

They turned to coffee, which Matz says, “is the last legal sin.” He also noted, that “Both cognac and coffee were enjoyed at the end of a meal, so it was a natural fit.”

lifestyle_300Utilizing the same strict sourcing principles as it does for its cognac,  the company is committed to doing business in a socially responsible way, carefully choosing to work with farmers and cooperatives  from Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia.

“Rest assured when you drink CAMUS coffee, it is truly a product that has the family behind it, and our commitment to social responsibility,” Matz says. “Quality is paramount; we cannot survive as a family owned business without quality.” The coffee has a smooth, full-bodied, clean taste.

Visit the website, to find our more about the coffee, and to peruse a collection of delicious recipes using the coffee including Petits Pots de Crème au Café, or the sultry taste of Camuccino, builing on the synergy between the company’s cognac and coffee.

Still in the boutique stage in the U.S., the MAISON CAMUS coffees are available primarly on the east coast in stores such Dean and DeLuca, as well as online at Amazon.

This National Coffee Day, go ahead and give it a try.

You can order it online, here.

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