Just for Fun: New York vs. London

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For centuries, coffeehouses have been the social hubs of cities, where intellectuals have gathered to discuss politics, art, and every day happenings.

Today, urban centers around the world continue to embrace the coffeehouse culture, and with that in mind, Tassimo has created this lighthearted infographic about the habits and rates of coffee consumption in the big coffee cities of New York and London. Tassimo has gathered information from a variety of sources, analyzing everything from the average amount of money paid for a cuppa joe, to the ‘burbs with the highest concentration of coffee shops.

While we’re not sure it is a “Coffee War,” we thought it would be a fun to present this comparison of two of the world’s most caffeinated cities.


The full infographic, “Who Will Win The Coffee Wars of 2014 – London vs. New York” can be viewed here.





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