Jungle Luv from Dark Matter Coffee

by laura everage on August 26, 2013 · 0 comments

378It’s a limited edition coffee we’re highlighting this week. From Chicago-based Dark Matter Coffee, a premier artisan roaster in Chicago, we suggest the Jungle Luv blend

Utilizing complexities of a dry processed Ethiopia and wet-hulled Sumatra, they played with vibrancy and depth to create a cup with tropical highlights to pair with heavy, rich body.

This wonderfully wild cup was created to enjoy through this hot and heavy season. Have fun, and make some Jungle Luv, friends!

After you grab yourself a 12 oz. bag of Jungle Luv for $15, try one of the company’s two flagship blends, A Love Supreme and Unicorn Blood. These two blends created a storm of accolades and applause from both critics and consumers alike.

Innovation is a bloodline for Dark Matter Coffee, and you won’t be disappointed. Go ahead, and get yourself some Jungle Luv.

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