Jamaican Blue Mountain: C&C Specialty Coffee

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This week we travel to the island of Jamaica in a cup of coffee and we find ourselves dreaming of the Blue Mountains. That’s because we’re drinking a delicious Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee from C&C Specialty Coffee.

Blue Mountain Coffee is recognized worldwide for its mild flavor and lack of bitterness, which is highly credited to the regulation of the cultivation process, and from where it is grown.

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The coffee is grown in a small area of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica, in the eastern portion of the island. There, less than 8,000 farmers cultivate 13,000 acres of coffee on parcels of land that are 5 acres or less.

Grown in the rich soils at altitudes of 3,000 to 5,500 feet above sea level where it is very humid, and has a lot of rain, the resulting coffee is low in acidity, with a medium body and an intense aroma.

That is exactly what this coffee from C&C Specialty Coffee offers – along with a superior taste that is low in acidity and caffeine.

Jamaican-Blue-MountainsCoffee was introduced to the island in 1730 by the governor, Sir Nicholas Lawes. The unique quality of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is due to a number of climatic and soil conditions which exist only in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

Available in medium or dark roast, the coffee is certified and controlled from seed to cup via The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, which was established in 1950.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee can fetch a high price ($35 a pound) but don’t let that deter you, as you won’t be disappointed. And, when you think about it, that translates to $0.80 to $1.33 per cup (30-50 cups per bag).

When buying Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee it is important to ensure it is certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. They closely monitor the growth and distribution of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.  The regulations they have set forth is as follows:

  • Coffee harvested at 3000-5500 ft. would be certified as Jamaican Blue Coffee.
  • Coffee harvested at 1500-3000 ft. would be certified as Jamaica High Mountain coffee.
  • Coffee harvested at 1500 ft. & under would be certified as Jamaica Supreme or Jamaica Low Mountain Coffee.

Enjoy a trip to the Blue Mountains in your cup. Visit C&C Specialty Coffee to purchase Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee.



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