Great Coffee, Greater Purpose: Driven Coffee

by laura everage on February 24, 2014 · 2 comments

DrivenlogoThe specialty coffee in industry is known for its dedication to delivering great-tasting coffees  to consumers, while  doing good in the community. This week, we take a look at Driven Coffee, a company that is driven to offer great coffee for a greater purpose.


With its full line of freshly roasted specialty coffees, the company donates 10% of all sales to their partner causes. Driven Coffee is passionate about making a difference in the world and the company’s Partner Causes and customers are invaluable in achieving this goal. The company has created a platform in which customers can easily contribute to the Partner Causes while getting a great product in return. Because coffee is an integral part in the lives of Americans, Driven Coffee believes that this beverage is the perfect vehicle to impact change.

Recently we spoke with Matt Vassau, Founder & CEO of Driven Coffee to find out a bit more about the inspiration behind the Partner Causes, and how coffee and community are intertwined.


What was your inspiration for creating Driven Coffee and this unique way to give back to causes?

This is a great questions and one I get asked regularly. To best understand my inspiration we really have to take a look at my prior experience in business. I have always been an entrepreneurial spirit at heart, and as such I have found myself in leadership and ownership roles with a few different companies. I have been fortunate to be a part of some really great teams, but it seemed something was always missing — the purpose. These companies had good intentions and stated that once they “made it” they would give back both with their time and their profits, but something always seemed to trip them up. I noticed that when people tasted success, they would just change their definition of what “making it” was. Inevitably, the social responsibility they planned to demonstrate would take a back seat. I eventually decided I could no longer continue down that path. I chose to start Driven Coffee to bring together my passion for coffee and my passion for helping others. I made our social responsibility an integral and transparent part of our business model. Driven Coffee donates 10% of all coffee sales to our partner causes. As such, if we grow, so does our impact on the world around us.

What is your goal when it comes to making a positive impact in the world around us?

Driven Coffee has been fortunate to partner with several great causes that are amazing at what they do. They passionately, effectively, and efficiently help people both in our backyard and across the globe. Our goal is to contribute as much as we possibly can to these organizations, so they can do what they do best. We measure our success not by the bottom line on a P&L, but through the size of our donations. We are striving to donate $1,000,000 in our first five years of business.

** Editors Note: Some of the Partners include Second Harvest Heartland, Greater Twin Cities United Way, and Feed My Starving Children.

What are your thoughts about the connection between coffee and the community? PurpleExcerpt1

I think there is a really profound and often understated connection between coffee and the fostering of a sense of community. While slowing down to enjoy a cup of coffee with others, I have seen some really inspiring things come to be. Complete strangers form lasting relationships, difficult problems are solved, new ideas spring about, lively debates are had, businesses are formed, and the list goes on and on. There is something so unique about this beverage and it’s ability to unite, I hope Driven Coffee can be a part of that process for people across the country.

Prior to founding Driven Coffee, Matt worked as the VP of Business Development for an Espresso Services Company where he cultivated relationships with some of the largest coffee companies in the country. In 2013 he decided to bring his passion for business, coffee, and helping others together for the launch of Driven Coffee. When he’s not searching for the perfect cup of coffee, you will likely find him on the links or spending time with family and friends.

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