Expedition Coffee from Equal Exchange

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Equal Exchange’s Expedition coffee is the latest in a series of limited edition organic coffees sourced from three farmer co-ops working near critical ecological regions in Latin America.

The El Triunfo coffee, sourced from the CESMACH co-op, near the El Triunfo biosphere, Chiapas, Mexico (Launched last June & sold through Fall)

The Eight Rivers coffee, sourced from the Las Colinas co-op, near the El Imposible National Park, El Salvador (Launched last Fall & sold through mid-February)

And now, the Expedition coffee, sourced from the CECOVASA co-op, near the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park, in southernmost Peru (Launched last week & available for approx. 3 months – depending upon inventory).

“From our 26 years of working with farmer co-ops we’ve learned that we have opportunities to help provide their farmer members with the means and incentives to continue their ecologically friendly and sustainable farming methods. Therefore we make long-term commitments to buy their organic coffee at high, predictable prices and to provide access to affordable credit. In fact, we’ve been working with each of these three co-ops for more than a decade.”

It is an approach that Equal Exchange follows with all of the 40+ farmer co-ops they work with world-wide, but they have created a special product line of “biosphere coffees” for these co-ops for three reasons:

*The particular ecological importance of their regions;

*These co-ops are demonstrating how farming can be done in a manner that is both environmentally and economically sustainable;

*The exceptional quality of their coffees.”


Expedition Coffee Tasting Notes:

Aroma: grape, vanilla, caramel

Flavor: balanced, red wine, maple, chocolate

Mouthfeel: Round, thick

Expedition Coffee is available at select natural food stores, independent cafes and via the Equal Exchange online store.


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