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This week, I’ve been drinking a delicious El Salvador Finca Las Delicias from Water Avenue CoffeeFinca Las Delicias is owned and operated by the Menendez family of El Salvador and produces some of their premier Pacamara lots.  It sits on the slopes of the extinct Cerro Las Ranas Volcano in Atiquizaya province.  This lot is grown near the top of the arable region of the volcano, at 1750 meters, above which lies virgin canopy forest, stretching for 8 hectars up to the crater of the ancient mountain.  The rich volcanic soil and plentiful rains give the Pacamara plants almost ideal growing conditions, leading to some of the Menedez family’s most interesting lots.  This year Miguel Menendez Sr. agreed to dry the Water Avenue Coffee lots on raised African-style beds, a relatively new technique for the family who still produces most of their coffee using traditional patio drying techniques.
In addition to this innovation in drying, Miguel also agreed to separate the Pacamara lot into three sub-lots, a full natural, a honey processed, and a fully washed.  All three lots share the same backbone of a great
Pacamara features a crisp acidity reminiscent of a Cortland apple, a sweetness that is full of brown sugar, and finish that has hints of savory spices like sage and tarragon, but that is where the similarities end.
The differently milled coffee really help to showcase just how important this step is in the supply chain.  The Natural is full of a juicy sweetness with notes of cranberry pairing with the natural apple flavors
The Honey is amazingly complex, with flavors of crisp, yet sweet, apple cider, and the washed is delightfully accessible, showcasing a surprising chocolate richness that makes it perfect for almost every brewing method.  It’s really an unbelievable treat and honor for Water Avenue Coffee to have  these lots made available to them, and it always an pleasure working with producers like the Menendez family who are continuously looking to partner with roasters like us in experimentation.
lauralogo2At the moment these coffees are only available in the Water Avenue Coffee cafe, so we’re sorry to tempt you – However, stay tuned to the company website. Plans are to make their collection of coffee available on the website, possibly with a three-pack of all the milling techniques ready for the holiday season.


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