Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board of Coffee Universe serves  as a soundboard for topics, relevant issues, and unique industry perspectives, helping Coffee Universe remain on target providing introspective topics that will appeal to our readers. The Editorial Advisory Board consists of members representing various segments of the coffee industry, in addition to members who offer insight from related consumer sectors.

We like to thank all our Editorial Advisory Board members for their guidance and support of Coffee Universe.

Tracy Allen  CEO, Brewed Behavior

Joshua BoytVictrola Coffee

Gabriela Cordon marketing and communications consultant, specializing in coffee

Jason Dominy, wholesale support and outreach, Batdorf & Bronson Coffee

Judith Ganes-Chase founder and president, J. Ganes Consulting, LLC

David Griswold, president and founder, Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers.

Keith Hayward is Executive Vice President, Dillanos Coffee Roasters.

Mark Inman senior coffee trader, Volcafe Specialty Coffees

Bruce Mullins  vice president of coffee culture, Coffee Bean International

David M. Roche  executive director, Coffee Quality Institute (CQI)

Mike Thelin principal, Bolted Services