Cold Coffee: Refreshing, Rejuvenating, and even Relaxing!

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In the hot summer months, there is no need to give up your coffee addiction, just grab yourself some cold coffee and get refreshing. The ready-to-drink coffee segment is flourishing, and high end blends and flavors let you enjoy a delicious coffee flavor either cold brewed and pure, or blended with ingredients that take your coffee experience to new heights. There are many ways to refresh with the flavor of coffee this summer. We’ll start you out with five delicious options.


1. Chameleon Cold Brew


Pure and simple, each batch of Chameleon Cold-Brew is brewed low and slow for more than 16 hours at a controlled temperature to produce a super smooth, extra caffeinated concentrated coffee with less acid than traditional hot-brewed coffees. Handcrafted in Austin, Texas, Chameleon is made using only use 100% organic, Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans and filtered water. Enjoy Chameleon hot or cold, black, undiluted in small amounts or mixed with your favorite flavors, creamers, or other additions. It’s perfect for drinking at home, at the office or on the go. You can find Chameleon Cold-Brew in the refrigerated section of select grocers in convenient and recyclable 16oz and 32oz glass bottles.


2. RealBeanz® Iced Coffee 


When you’re in the mood for a coffee-based beverage that is big on flavor, and ideal for your health-conscious lifestyle, grab a bottle of RealBeanz® iced coffee beverages, and you’ll find something that does more than just satisfy your taste buds. RealBeanz beverages help you get through the day and enhance your lifestyle without any harmful chemicals or unhealthy ingredients, by utilizing a blend of 100% natural ingredients in a flavorful coffee blend. Created with premium-brewed coffee, fresh reduced-fat milk, naturally wholesome ingredients, remarkable flavors and enhanced with vitamins and potent herbs for the best in health and flavor. When out at the beach why not relax with Relax? It’s a smooth, reassuring beverage infused with imported coffee beans, creamy milk, Madagascar vanilla nut and naturally-calming herbs (chamomile, lemon balm & passion flower) to sooth feelings of nervousness brought on by everyday stresses. Other varieties include Energize (Cappuccino), Resist (Mocha), Focus (Caramel), and Trim & Fit (Diet Cappuccino).



3. Califia Farms Iced Coffee with Almondmilk


Iced coffee blended with the goodness of almond milk is what you’ll get in the newly launched collection of iced coffees from Califia Farms. Available three varieties, each boasting 100 calories or less per serving, the drinks are a dairy free, soy free, and cholesterol free way to enjoy a creamy, cold coffee beverage. Perfect for anyone looking for a cold coffee beverage that they can truly feel good about drinking, this all-natural beverage taste better and make your body feel better. The new range is made with almond milk, which offers a fresher taste, yet creamy like traditional milk. No saturated fat, less sugar, low-calorie, vegan, and Non-GMO Project Verified. Available in three varieties, from smooth Café Latte to velvety rich Mocha, or with the powerful punch of Double Espresso.


4. Blue Monkey Coconut Coffee Drink


The refreshing taste and benefits of coconut milk are paired with coffee in the new Coconut Coffee Drink from Blue Monkey. This coffee-infused, all-natural coconut milk/cream beverage is a 100% organic coffee/coconut combo that has a delicious, light nutty flavor with a decidedly healthy punch thanks to the addition of pure coconut milk. It is also low in fat and only 100 calories per 8oz serving. Packaged in BPA-free and easily recyclable 15oz cans.


5. Pronto Sparkling Coffee


Twelve Beverage, producer of sparkling beverages crafted by chefs, presents the newly created Pronto®, a sophisticated sparkling coffee beverage based on premium Arabica coffee beans from Columbia with dashes of chicory and pineapple for smoothness, and  an all natural combination of over 60 ingredients. For anyone who craves a truly sophisticated coffee experience without dairy, added sugar, and chemicals, Pronto has a distinct coffee taste and aroma. It is a healthier coffee beverage choice with high taste and a low 34 calories per 187 ml serving and it is gluten free. Its sophisticated flavor accents of chipotle, vanilla, and cumin are paired nicely with food: Try with eggs Benedict and bacon, quiche, grilled cheese, pizza, crêpes, scones, pain au chocolat, cheese cake, or pour it over vanilla ice cream to make a Pronto® float.


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