CoffeeCon Readies for Chicago

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Coffee lovers in Chicago ready for the arrival of CoffeeCon, a one-day consumer coffee event that celebrates everything coffee. This exciting day, which will be held April 12, 2014 at the Zhou B Art Center, is filled with everything a coffee loving consumer could want.

Taste the world’s different coffees roasted every conceivable way, and brewed using many different methods. Sip the world’s most expensive and exotic coffees. See and try the latest brewing technologies on display. CoffeeCon is the world’s biggest coffee meet-up with other coffee enthusiasts, which features expert presenters  to help you expand your coffee consciousness and  support sustainable beans. Expand your coffee knowledge, even earn a Coffeeology™ degree, taking onsite classes. Win prizes during hourly giveaways.

Chicago’s Keynote Speaker is George Howell, one of the pioneers of the specialty coffee movement. Howell’s presentation, For the Love of Coffee Lab, is a 2-hour interactive seminar intended to give consumers an understanding of what actually goes into creating quality coffee, from farm to cup. It is meant to empower consumers by informing their palates as well as their minds. Multiple coffee tastings will give participants a new understanding of the taste differences between six regions of the world, new crop versus past crop, ripe versus unripe (same farm) and natural versus washed (Ethiopia, same region). This is an active lecture where participants taste at various tasting stations. This coffee lab is the perfect opportunity to learn how to recognize taste differences between coffees produced across the globe!

Other speakers include Jim Shulman, who will be demonstrating his home espresso techniques; Marysabel Caballero, a coffee grower who grows some of the world’s finest coffee, will bring her firsthand knowledge of sustainability, how the best coffees can continue to enrich us all, consumers, farmers and the coffee industry; Oren Bloostein,  owner, CEO, and roastmaster of Oren’s Daily Roast (NYC’s premier coffee roaster since 1986), will lead  CoffeeCon’s Creating a Home Brewing Experience presentation, teamed with Kevin Sinnott. Sinnott is best-selling coffee author and blogger at He became known after publishing objective coffee brewer reviews, realizing brewers are the hardware to coffee beans’ software. He is CoffeeCon’s creator and host.

In addition to speakers, there are a variety of hands on classes that will teach everything you need to know about different brewing methods, milk texturing and latte art, serving and how to taste coffee like an expert.

Throughout the day, visitors to CoffeeCon can sample coffee from the world’s exotic locales and some close to your own back yard, including rare, costly Cup of Excellence coffees.

Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

Not in Chicago? Future CoffeeCon events include San Francisco (June 7), New York (October 12), and Los Angeles (November 8). For more information, visit CoffeeCon.

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