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El Toro Espresso Blend from Water Avenue Coffee

April 14, 2014

This week, Coffee Universe highlights El Toro Espresso Blend from Portland’s Water Avenue Coffee. This is Water Avenue Coffee’s flagship blend that features coffees from all the major coffee growing regions of the world. This delicious blend features dark chocolate and sweet peanut butter alongside bright cherry acidity, which round out its deep woodsy character. Whichever […]

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CoffeeCon Readies for Chicago

April 7, 2014

Coffee lovers in Chicago ready for the arrival of CoffeeCon, a one-day consumer coffee event that celebrates everything coffee. This exciting day, which will be held April 12, 2014 at the Zhou B Art Center, is filled with everything a coffee loving consumer could want. Taste the world’s different coffees roasted every conceivable way, and brewed […]

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New Online Coffee Business & Barista Training Platform

April 3, 2014

American Barista & Coffee School (ABCS) has today announced, its new online subscription-based coffee education platform, will officially launch April 2014. According to the company’s Vice President, Matt Milletto, “ will be a new subscription based training and business methodology that coffee shop owners can subscribe to train their new barista hires. Dynamic and interactive […]

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European Coffee Capitals

March 18, 2014

Across the varied and cultured nations of Europe, if there is one passion shared by countless millions, it’s a deep love, and often outright need, for coffee. From the bustling espresso bars of sunny Roman mornings, to bowls of café au lait leisurely sipped in chic Parisian haunts, coffee is the elixir that dispels groggy […]

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IMAPAC to organize Indonesia’s ONLY coffee industry gathering

March 10, 2014

In light of the current market scenario and research studies which have shown enormous potential in the Asia Pacific coffee market, IMAPAC will organize Asia Coffee Congress 2014 which will bring together the Indonesian and regional key coffee players from 6-8 May 2014 in Jakarta. Coffee roasters, manufacturers, traders and certifiers will converge at the only international coffee platform in Indonesia […]

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New York Foundling Seeks Coffee Company for Storefront

March 8, 2014

The New York Foundling, a charity that empowers thousands of low-income children and families to live independent, healthy and fulfilling lives, is embarking on an innovative business venture to raise money for children in the foster care system (some of the city’s most disadvantaged and underserved citizens) while supporting a New York-based or focused coffee […]

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Jamaican Blue Mountain: C&C Specialty Coffee

March 3, 2014

This week we travel to the island of Jamaica in a cup of coffee and we find ourselves dreaming of the Blue Mountains. That’s because we’re drinking a delicious Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee from C&C Specialty Coffee. Blue Mountain Coffee is recognized worldwide for its mild flavor and lack of bitterness, which is highly credited to […]

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Coffee of the Week: Driven Coffee

February 24, 2014

This week, we’re waking up to a bit of Breakfast Blend from Driven Coffee. The smooth, even body of the blend, welcomes us gently to the day. Driven Coffee, offers a range of delicious coffees including Mexico Chiapas SHG, French Roast, Impact Espresso Blend, Ethipopia Sidamo, Decafe Colombia Excelso, Sumatra Mandheling, Costa Rica Tarrazu, and more. […]

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Just for Fun: New York vs. London

December 14, 2013

  For centuries, coffeehouses have been the social hubs of cities, where intellectuals have gathered to discuss politics, art, and every day happenings. Today, urban centers around the world continue to embrace the coffeehouse culture, and with that in mind, Tassimo has created this lighthearted infographic about the habits and rates of coffee consumption in the big […]

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Invest in a Coffee Farm with Cima Coffee Farms

December 9, 2013

Do you love coffee? Do you buy products from farms sustainable farms that give great wages and health care to farmers? Are you looking for a new investment opportunity? How about investing in a coffee farm? The recently founded Cima Coffee Farms is allowing investors to own part of a coffee farm in Colombia. For […]

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