Book Review: The Infinite Emotions of Coffee, by Alon Halevy

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Review by Laura Everage

Have you ever wondered what it takes to bring that cup of coffee to your table? Curous about how your choice of coffee affexts someone halfway around the globe? Intrigued by the car your local barista takes in preparing your latte, topping it with a beautiful crema rosette? Well, Alon Halevy was curious as well. And in his book, The Infinite Emotions of Coffee, he chronicles his journey to find the answers.

Halevy is a Googler who has gone inside the world of coffee. As he explains it, one of the perks of Google’s vast offerings for its employees, is that it is a place that fosters “an avant -garde coffee culture” where coffee is available all hours of the day – and night. it was the inviting coffee culture inside the walls of Google that inspired him to experience more.

In the book, which is part travelogue, this globe trotting Googler delves into the world of coffee visiting everything from coffee shops to coffee farmes. he discusses the nuances of coffee roasting with some of the world’s premier roasters, joins farmers and importers at the cupping tables, gets caught up in the excitement of barista competitions, and shares a cup of coffee with industry movers and shakers as he delves into the nuances of this beverage.

For anyone who is looking to peek inside the wonderful world of coffee – experiencing farmers, barista, roasters, and more, The Infinite Emotions of Coffee is a book that is filled with stories surrounding coffee, sprinkled with a bit of history and cafe culture, notable mentions of those coffee professionals who have helped build the coffee culture worldwide, and inspiration for anyone seeking to learn a bit more about the world of coffee.

In his travels, Halevy uncovers the passion and dedication of coffee professionals worldwide, illustrating how the passion and perseverance of so many involved in the pursuit of quality coffee, can do doubt benefit the industry – from the farmer to the consumer.

Giving readers an insider’s view of all that the world of coffee has to offer – in a cup. Halevy’s book provides readers with a new appreciation for that black brew they find in their daily cup.

Go ahead, and experience The Infinite Emotions of Coffee.

The book can be found on Amazon, as well as the book’s website, which notes where you can pick one up directly.


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