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Boyd’s Cinnamon Churro to Benefit Grounds for Health

Boyd's Coffee®, the oldest family-owned coffee company in the Pacific Northwest, introduces Cinnamon Churro Flavored … [Read More...]


CoffeeCon Readies for Chicago

Coffee lovers in Chicago ready for the arrival of CoffeeCon, a one-day consumer coffee event that celebrates everything … [Read More...]


New Online Coffee Business & Barista Training Platform

American Barista & Coffee School (ABCS) has today announced, its new online … [Read More...]

JavaJog - In Globe2 - Green 400

JavaJog for a Cause Welcomes Sponsors for 2014 Run for Congo

JavaJog for a Cause organizers welcome 2014 sponsors for the second annual run/walk to benefit the coffee-farming women … [Read More...]


European Coffee Capitals

Across the varied and cultured nations of Europe, if there is one passion shared by countless millions, it’s a deep … [Read More...]


IMAPAC to organize Indonesia’s ONLY coffee industry gathering

In light of the current market scenario and research studies which have shown enormous potential in the Asia Pacific … [Read More...]


New York Foundling Seeks Coffee Company for Storefront

The New York Foundling, a charity that empowers thousands of low-income children and families to live independent, … [Read More...]


Great Coffee, Greater Purpose: Driven Coffee

The specialty coffee in industry is known for its dedication to delivering great-tasting coffees  to consumers, while … [Read More...]


Putting the iCoffee to the Test

Anyone who loves coffee, knows that a perfectly prepared cup of coffee is a combination of a great coffee that is brewed … [Read More...]


Just for Fun: New York vs. London

  For centuries, coffeehouses have been the social hubs of cities, where intellectuals have gathered to … [Read More...]

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This week, Coffee Universe highlights El Toro Espresso Blend from Portland’s Water Avenue Coffee. This is Water Avenue Coffee’s flagship blend that features coffees from all the major coffee growing regions of the world. This delicious blend features dark chocolate and sweet peanut butter alongside bright cherry acidity, which round out its deep woodsy character. Whichever […]

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Coffee Rust: From Myth to Reality

Originally published, October 8, 2012 By … [Read More...]

WaterPour Featured

Manual Brewing — The Basics

Jason Dominy of Batdorf & Bronson Coffee … [Read More...]


Roasters Unite!

   Thoughts on the annual Roasters Guild … [Read More...]

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Keeping Coffee Fresh

Moisture, air, light and heat: These are the four elements that can affect the fresh taste of your roasted coffee. But, in the high-heat, high-moisture, sunlight-filtered environment of the kitchen, many of us just throw caution to the wind and rip open that bag of coffee, take what we need for that pot in the […]

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We like to thank all our Editorial Advisory Board members for their guidance and support of Coffee Universe.

Tracy Allen CEO, Brewed Behavior

Joshua Boyt, Victrola Coffee

Gabriela Cordon marketing and communications consultant, specializing in coffee

Jason Dominy, wholesale support and outreach, Batdorf & Bronson Coffee

Judith Ganes-Chasefounder and president, J. Ganes Consulting, LLC

David Griswold, president and founder, Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers.

Keith Hayward is Executive Vice President, Dillanos Coffee Roasters.

Mark Inman senior coffee trader, Volcafe Specialty Coffees

Bruce Mullins vice president of coffee culture, Coffee Bean International

David M. Roche executive director, Coffee Quality Institute (CQI)

Mike Thelin principal, Bolted Services

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